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Les Miserables
Role : Fantine
Release : 2012

Fantine is a poor woman who has a secret illegitimate child. she needed to sells her hair, and joins the whores in selling herself to find money to pay for medicines for her daughter.

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The Dark Knight Rises
Role : Catwoman
Release : 2012

Selina Kyle a.k.a Catwoman who appearance in Gotham City sets in motion a chain of events that leads Batman to come out of retirement.

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Anne Hathaway walks hand-in-hand with her husband Adam Shulman on Sunday as both going to The Public Theater in New York City. Anne wearing pair of bold black-and-white patterned trousers

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Anne Hathaway dress up in jeans dress out and about in NYC on April 18

As rumor run around the web say that Anne Hathaway and husband Adam Shulman was Adopt children after a years of marriage

Gossip Cop now explain the rumor are not ture

This rumor, which began in the pages of a tabloid this week. We’re told there’s absolutely no truth to the claim.

While Hathaway has been vocal about her desire to start a family with her husband of three years, she is not in the process of adopting a baby, as reported by Star. A so-called source tells the tabloid of the supposed adoption, “Anne is so unbelievably happy and excited right now,” adding, “She and Adam cannot stop talking about it to all of their friends and family. They honestly can’t wait to be parents.”

The magazine adds that Hathaway and Shulman hope to adopt a baby from the U.S. because she “wants to help a child in need of a home right here.” As sweet as that sounds, however, it’s a false claim. A rep for Hathaway exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “Anne is not adopting.”

Anne Hathaway has spent time at the Public Theatre since 2013. she’s once again come back with The drama, called “Grounded,” which written by George Brant, scheduled to open next Sunday

Anne gave an interview with the media

Q: How did this project come about?

Anne Hathaway: In 2009, my parents were visiting me and my then boyfriend — he’s now my husband — in Los Angeles, and they were just catching me up on people back home, and they mentioned some friends of theirs whose daughter was a soldier and was a cargo truck driver and had been in an explosion, had driven over an IED, and had some pretty serious brain damage. I realised I had absolutely no idea what life was like for a female soldier. I hadn’t seen movies about it, I hadn’t really read articles about it, I didn’t have any references, and I thought that’s not OK. So I started looking for stories about female soldiers to tell. One day, I was having my coffee, and I read a review in The New York Times of this play, “Grounded,” and I read the synopsis, and I just thought, Oh my God, this is it.

Julie Taymor: I got a call from Oskar Eustis, asking: Would I take a look at a play that she was going to be the only person starring in? I read it overnight and said yes the next day. There was just no question that the play itself was moving, gripping and very important, and political, and then put that with Anne being the actress. Continue reading

Anne Hathaway in Canadian Tuxedo, a jean jacket and matching jeans seem walk with her friend then catch a cab in New York City, New York on April 11, 2015.

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